Introducing PowerPortal

Share Power BI and Tableau Reports with Anyone, Anywhere

Securely provide reports to internal users and external clients, without bringing guests into your tenant. One-click user access, no provisioning hassle, no additional licenses required.

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Highly Secure

Compliant with even the strictest Information Security policies.


Easy User Access

Log in via browser or mobile with no need to install Power BI or Tableau.


Speed and Reliability

No lag times or delays, even in low bandwidth environments.

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Say Goodbye to Complex License Management

With PowerPortal, only your report authors need Power BI or Tableau licenses. That means no more time-consuming administrative hassle in managing and reconciling hundreds of licenses each month.

Fully Customizable Interface

Match the portal’s look and feel to your organization’s identity, from colors to font to graphics and more. Tailor report layouts to tell data stories and meet evolving company needs.

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Why Choose PowerPortal?

A Microsoft and Salesforce approved solution, built on top of Power BI and Tableau and loaded with business benefits.


Row-Level Security

Create just one report for all permission levels – no more multiple files.


Work Collaboratively

Directly in the browser or in PBI or Tableau desktop, with easy version control.


No Technical Expertise Needed

Easy, instant access through O365, Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook.


Seamless Scalability

Plans that grow with your business, no additional Power BI or Tableau licenses required.


Monetize Your Data

Create new revenue streams selling insights to customers or partners.


Dedicated Workspaces

Allow content creation and consumption for specific users.

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This plan aims to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses looking for a robust, customizable, and scalable data visualization and reporting tool.

Onboarding: A smooth initiation process to get you up and running with the platform.
Customization: Tailor the portal's features and functionalities to meet your specific business requirements.
Portal Branding: Customize the portal to align with your brand's identity and aesthetics.
Support: Access to dedicated customer support for troubleshooting and guidance.
Maintenance: Regular upkeep and updates to ensure optimal performance.
Integration: Seamlessly integrate PowerPortal with your existing systems and databases.
Deployment and Configuration in Your Own Azure Infrastructure: Enjoy the security and control of deploying the portal within your own Azure cloud environment.
Creation of the First 5 Power BI Reports: Get started with data visualization by having the first 5 Power BI reports created and published in the portal for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding new users is fully automated. All you have to do is create their username and password for the portal. No authentication, setup, or user training required, because report recipients don’t have to have Power BI or Tableau.
Yes, you can easily associate files to Power BI or Tableau reports (i.e., invoices, spreadsheets, images, memos), that users can view and download, according to the permission levels you set.
Yes, report-level analytics are included, so you can easily monitor usage.
It depends on multiple factors, including number of report creators vs viewers, and licence plans. We can help you break down each scenario to decide on the most valuable option for your needs.
We’re happy to provide initial and ongoing training and support as needed. You can let us know upon implementation, or whenever your needs arise.
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